"Training motivates employees and brings fresh ideas"

From 2 to 3 July 2024, four of our software developers from the Digital Platform and WINPACCS divisions attended the DWX (Developer Week) in Nuremberg.

At one of the largest software developer conferences in Europe, they gained impressive insights into the future of software development - especially on the topic of AI. From different exciting presentations and workshops, the four brought back numerous ideas and suggestions for the use of artificial intelligence at mbi. 

Christoph Tuchan attended DWX for the first time this year and reports with satisfaction: "As a company, you always have to stay on the ball when it comes to new technologies. At conferences like DWX, you get food for thought for the future and recognise where the 'software development' ship is heading in the coming years."

mbi offers its employees the opportunity to regularly take part in training courses and specialist events: "Training motivates employees and brings fresh ideas. Fresh ideas can lead to better products."