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People run projects

Projects are not run by methods and tools, but by people who tackle tasks with commitment and motivation: People that possess the knowhow needed and who are prepared to keep learning and discovering new opportunities.

Knowledge and skills alone, though, are not enough. Successful projects need people who can also work in a team and complement, support and motivate one another together with colleagues and customers. Identification with our business ethics based on respect, honesty and fairness in dealing with one another and with our customers is for us the basis for successful business.

So we do not regard our work as routine, but our aspiration is to find and realise the optimum solution for our customers. Our objective is to always exceed expectations and surprising the customer positively with our work.

Our values

The best chance you have of making a big success in the world is to decide from square one that you're going to do it ethically.

Alan Greenspan

As mbi employees we feel committed to the following principles and try to implement them in our dealings with colleagues and customers. These principles are key to us as mbi staff and contribute to the fulfilment and self-determination of each and every mbi employee and also to the long term success of our clients.

Our goal is to seek the optimum solution for whatever challenge our customer is facing.


We offer our services only if we are convinced that they offer benefits for our customers.


We see in every person the human being, who deserves our understanding and respect. This is what we also try to live in our private and professional environment.

Openness and honesty in dealing with one another and with our customers are very important to us.

As a company we acknowledge our social responsibility for the community and commit ourselves to the extent possible.

mbi is a member of the business network “Erfolgsfaktor Familie”, which is supported by the Federal Ministry for Families. The network regards itself as a central platform for companies committed to family-conscious business policies.







mbi has set itself the goal of a better work-life balance and is realising the following principles in its business policies.

Because of its good transport connections to the Rhine-Main area, the immediate proximity of the Taunus recreation area and the district capitals of Wetzlar and Giessen, Huettenberg and Wetzlar offers optimum conditions for combining work and leisure time. There one can strike an ideal balance between living and working.


Our company is based in Mittelhessen, situated centrally between the Taunus and the Wetterau region. With direct connections to the A45 autobahn, Huettenberg is very easy to reach.


The late nineteenth century style villa is located close to the old part of the town of Wetzlar and is easy to reach by all means of transport. It blends the charm of the turn of the century with modern design elements.

Our alliance partners make a decisive contribution to the evolution of our technological know-how and thus support us significantly in realising high-quality software solutions for our customers.


Wir sind ein von Microsoft zertifiziertes Unternehmen und gehören zum exklusiven Kreis der Microsoft Gold Partner.

Gold Partner sind Spezialisten im Umgang mit IT-Lösungen im Unternehmensbereich. Sie erfüllen sehr hohe Anforderungen hinsichtlich zertifiziertem Personal und technischem Leistungsausweis. Zudem genießen Gold Partner eine intensive Betreuung durch Microsoft und bieten somit ihren Kunden höchste Qualität mit zukunftsfähigen Technologien.


Schon seit vielen Jahren pflegen wir eine intensive Kooperation mit dem Fachbereich Informatik der Technischen Hochschule Mittelhessen.

Diese Kooperation bereichert unsere Tätigkeit in vielfältiger Hinsicht. Beispielsweise der fachliche Austausch mit Professoren der Hochschule oder die gemeinsame Betreuung von Abschlussarbeiten ermöglichen die Integration neuester wissenschaftlicher Kenntnisse in die Softwareentwicklung und das Projektmanagement von mbi. Durch die Mitgliedschaft im Förderverein leben wir die Kooperation aktiv.

Davon profitieren die von uns konzipierten Softwarelösungen und somit auch Sie als Kunde.

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