About us

People run projects

Projects are not run by methods and tools, but by people who tackle tasks with commitment and motivation: People that possess the knowhow needed and who are prepared to keep learning and discovering new opportunities.

Knowledge and skills alone, though, are not enough. Successful projects need people who can also work in a team and complement, support and motivate one another together with colleagues and customers. Identification with our business ethics based on respect, honesty and fairness in dealing with one another and with our customers is for us the basis for successful business.

So we do not regard our work as routine, but our aspiration is to find and realise the optimum solution for our customers. Our objective is to always exceed expectations and surprising the customer positively with our work.

Corporate mission

mbi GmbH uses innovative software products to support organisations worldwide in streamlining business processes and boosting their efficiency and transparency. The software and its services are constantly adapted to the latest requirements; this enables us to optimise it for our customers. and help them to fulfil their responsibility towards society to a greater degree. In doing so, we contribute to society’s development and to improving quality of life for people across the globe.


Our employees

Our employees are our most important resource. We want our employees to be enthusiastic about working for mbi. We aim to achieve this by showing our appreciation for each individual and by creating an environment in which they enjoy working and are optimally employed and nurtured in line with their talents and abilities.

Our customers

Our customers are the cornerstone of our company’s success. The number one goal of our company is to satisfy and inspire them. To this end, we strive to do our best day by day. We see every person as somebody who deserves understanding and respect, and try to put this into practise in performing our business. Openness, honesty and a high level of appreciation in dealing with our customers is therefore paramount to us.

Our products and services

We only offer our products and services when we are convinced that they offer added-value to our customers. The number of companies and organisations, as well as users of our software, is constantly growing, which helps us to keep optimising our products and services to the advantage of our customers.

Our partners

Maximum performance can only be achieved through maintaining a focus. We aim to focus on our core competence and bring in partners to support us as necessary and beneficial. As we do so, we seek to improve the cooperation with our partners and foster long-term, fair relationships with them.

Our finances

Our company’s stability is secured through a steadily increasing turnover and stable profitability. Our employees, customers and partners thus more easily place their trust in us and employees enjoy long-term working relationships at mbi, while customers and partners feel able to commit to working together on significant, long-term projects.

Our corporate social responsibility

We recognise the need to bear responsibility for society and, to this end, we take action wherever we can. We donate a steadily growing share of our profits to projects that benefit people. We focus on our clients’ projects in developing countries and regional projects.

Our sustainability

We pursue a consistent sustainability strategy that enables us to keep reducing our ecological footprint and thus achieve our goal of becoming a climate-neutral company.

mbi is a member of the business network “Erfolgsfaktor Familie”, which is supported by the Federal Ministry for Families. The network regards itself as a central platform for companies committed to family-conscious business policies.

Managers perceive family-conscious management as an element of the corporate culture and consider it when structuring the organization and selecting personnel.


Employees with families receive specific offers within the scope of our possibilities to make it easier for them to reconcile their professional and family obligations.


Needs of employees with family commitments are accounted for in order to bring business demands and family needs into harmony wherever possible.


mbi has set itself the goal of a better work-life balance and is realising the following principles in its business policies.

Because of its good transport connections to the Rhine-Main area, the immediate proximity of the Taunus recreation area and the district capitals of Wetzlar and Giessen, Huettenberg and Wetzlar offers optimum conditions for combining work and leisure time. There one can strike an ideal balance between living and working.

Our alliance partners make a decisive contribution to the evolution of our technological know-how and thus support us significantly in realising high-quality software solutions for our customers.

Here you will find important events in the history of our company.

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