New first-aid equipment at mbi - defibrillators

Ventricular fibrillation can cause death in a very short time. To enable mbi to provide emergency support, the company has purchased automated external defibrillators and trained employees to use them. "The health of our employees is literally close to our hearts," says Managing Director Martin Bork, explaining the reasons for the investment. "We hope that we never have to use them, but we’re now well equipped – just in case!" The neighbourhoods adjacent to the company's premises can also benefit from them as the devices can save lives within a radius of up to three minutes on foot.

The first points of contact at mbi are the company’s first aiders, including Tobias Eckhardt (photo). However, a voice control function with step-by-step instructions means that anyone can easily use the defibrillators. Ultimately, what’s most important is having the courage to act – and the mbi team is now well geared up for this after completing the defibrillator training course.