First aid course at mbi

Promoting health in a company also includes being well equipped for emergencies. Employees of mbi therefore attended an in-house training course on acute emergency care run by the German Red Cross (DRK) in Wetzlar last Tuesday.

DRK first aid instructor Chiara Josephine Burchert demonstrated very practically how to react in an emergency – for example, when a colleague faints, or has seizures a stroke or a heart attack. "The practical exercises in the course helped us to tackle the issues and gave us confidence to act in an emergency," says course participant and Business analyst Janosch Heykamp. "Ultimately we also learned this – providing help quickly and competently can make a huge difference in an emergency."

Along with the recent purchase of defibrillators, the course is only one of many steps taken to promote health at mbi: "Emergency care protects when health is already in danger – but we also want to ensure that it doesn’t get that far in the first place", explains Human resources manager, Benjamin Löw. "That means we also offer company sporting activities, such as football and running campaigns, free fresh fruit, as well as tips for a healthy everyday working life." Appreciation for all our employees is at the core of this, says Löw: "Every single person in our team is important to us."