Decelerated start to the new working week

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The start of the new week at mbi was very different this time: With a training session on resilience and mental health, Monday morning began a little more calmly than usual for many employees.

In a joint dialogue with an external consultant, the morning revolved around key elements such as self-worth, self-care, stress reduction and slowing down. Key aspects included, in particular, raising awareness and developing strategies for self-care in order to strengthen one's own resilience and to be able to cope well with stress in both private and professional life.

The positive feedback from the participants testifies to the great relevance of the topic: "It was a refreshing training course that showed us how important it is to look after ourselves in everyday life and do something good for ourselves," says our trainee Annika Mirbach. "There was a relaxed dialogue with my colleagues and the speaker and I received valuable inspiration that I would like to integrate into my everyday life."

mbi is definitely planning to offer similar training courses in the future in order to further strengthen resilience among employees.