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Development of the editorial system for the Bundesanzeiger publication

The editorial system for the disclosure of annual financial statements and other announcements was created for the Bundesanzeiger publishing house (German Federal Gazette).

The Bundesanzeiger has provided information on the official promulgations and announcements of the legislature, since the Federal Republic of Germany was established. In addition, it issues legally required disclosures of annual financial statements and companies’ notifications of deposit. Since 2007, these disclosures have been published online. More than 10 million annual financial statements are now available and can be researched within a web platform.

Reviewing, editing and forwarding the financial statements transmitted by the companies to the web platform is performed in an editorial system developed specially for the Bundesanzeiger. In collaboration with specialist departments at the Bundesanzeiger, the system has been designed, developed and repeatedly adapted to meet new legal requirements.

A web application is used to register customers and upload disclosures. These are transferred to the system via web services and stored at the Bundesanzeiger Verlag in high-availability SQL server databases.

The data is made available for up to 200 administrative staff who review and edit it. The editorial system controls a workflow process that is optimally tailored to the requirements, and transfers the information to be published to the Internet platform via web services.

The final step is the disclosure of annual accounts and other announcements on the Internet in a standard XML format.

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Client:Bundesanzeiger Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Services offered:IT consulting, software development, support
Technology:Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Microsoft .NET 4.7, Entity Framework 6.0, Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise, XML/XSL/XSL-FO/ESEF, Web Services