Modern AI approaches at mbi

Our student trainee Paul Hiller wrote his bachelor's thesis on artificial intelligence as part of a collaboration between THM and mbi.

Over the past year, he has been working on the question of how texts can be categorised, analysed and processed with the help of AI. Last week, he presented his findings internally at mbi and was met with great interest and numerous questions from employees in all areas.

"I really wanted to understand what really lies behind this buzzword AI and how this technology can be used efficiently and individually with our own solutions," says Paul, explaining the choice of topic for his thesis. He sees great opportunities for mbi with the use of artificial intelligence: "As a technology, AI is an incredibly versatile way of making software more precise and efficient while also providing better support for the user. For example, AI-based text analysis can simplify the processing of support requests, emails, documents or other texts."

For mbi, the use of artificial intelligence will offer many opportunities, especially in the development of digital platforms for customers, to make the handling of various processes more efficient.