Mobility and sustainability – mbi travels with the Deutschlandticket

Since May this year, mbi has made it possible for its employees to purchase the Deutschlandticket as a job ticket at half price. After six months with the Deutschlandticket, we are very pleased that many of our employees are taking advantage of the offer and that we are receiving a lot of positive feedback:

Sebastian Keller from the administration department, for example, has been using the Deutschlandticket for a few months and is enthusiastic: "I think it's great that mbi supports employees in using the Deutschlandticket and is thus also committed to environmental protection as a company. For me, the main advantage is that I can get to work in an environmentally friendly way and at the same time cheaper than by car. It's also much nicer to get some fresh air before and after the train ride and have a chat or two with acquaintances along the way than to drive home alone in the car."

Eric Peulings from the Digital Platforms department at mbi also sees the advantages of the job ticket: "The offer from mbi makes the Deutschlandticket much more attractive in terms of price and is also a good way to simplify the tariff structure of public transport and thus promote its use."

For mbi, the sustainability factor, the health of employees and the protection of the environment play an important role. After the BusinessBike and the e-car leasing, the Deutschlandticket is another step to promote climate-friendly mobility and to contribute to a more sustainable future. And last but not least, it is also a great benefit for our employees.