mbi introduces health budget for employees

With the start of the new year, mbi is expanding its employee benefits and making an annual health budget freely available to every employee.

The health budget offers a wide range of health measures and activities that employees can use according to their own needs. This includes subsidising hearing aids and glasses or financing physiotherapy, massages, or dental treatment.

Louisa Strauß from the HR department is delighted with the new benefit: "Our employees are our most important resource, so it's important to us that they are healthy and happy". She sees the biggest advantage of health budget in its personalised use. "Employees are free to decide which health servies they currently need and would like to take advantage of. As an employer, we don't have to define benefits in advance that may not help all employees, but let our employees decide individually what they want to use the budget for". 

The introduction of the health budget is part of mbi's ongoing efforts to create a positive working environment and increase employee satisfaction at various levels. Take a look at our careers page and discover the many employee benefits at mbi.