Business principles

"The best chance you have of making a big success in the world is to decide from square one that you're going to do it ethically." Alan Greenspan

As mbi employees we feel committed to the following principles and try to implement them in our dealings with colleagues and customers:

  • Our goal is to seek the optimum solution for whatever challenge our customer is facing.
  • We offer our services only if we are convinced that they offer benefits for our customers.
  • We see in every person the human being, who deserves our understanding and respect. This is what we also try to live in our private and professional environment.
  • Openness and honesty in dealing with one another and with our customers are very important to us.
  • As a company we acknowledge our social responsibility for the community and commit ourselves to the extent possible.

These principles are key to us as mbi staff and contribute to the fulfilment and self-determination of each and every mbi employee and also to the  long term success of our clients.

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