The integrated software solution for international aid organisations

Global development cooperation contributes enormously to sustainably improving economic, social, ecological and political conditions in many countries.
Its aim is to give people in developing countries the chance to live self-determined and autonomous lives without material hardship. Numerous aid organisations, consulting companies and government organisations work in this area across the globe, backed by competent and committed employees.

Managing the business processes of organisations active in development cooperation is complex and challenging. Considerable geographical distances between business units, linguistic and cultural differences and also varying levels of education pose great challenges for management tasks and global cooperation.

WINPACCS is a Cloud-based standard solution that we have developed to meet the special needs of development cooperation and which has proven its worth for many years in various organisations and numerous projects worldwide. WINPACCS can be adapted to suit an organisation’s requirements.

Our team includes employees with many years of experience in development cooperation; this helps us to understand problems and develop solutions together.

WINPACCS is used by large governmental organisations, small NGOs and consulting companies.

An overview of all reference customers can be found here.

Further information about WINPACCS can be found on the WINPACCS website