mbi sponsored run generates EUR 2,000 for humanitarian aid in Ukraine

In May and June mbi sponsored the number of kilometres ran and cycled by its employees with a fixed amount of money, and has now handed over a cheque for EUR 2,000 to the Giessen-based aid organisation Global Aid Network (GAiN): The mbi team completed 1,126 kilometres on foot and 2,793 kilometres by bike over the two-month period, and the resulting donation of EUR 1,685 was rounded up to EUR 2,000. 

mbi HR Manager Benjamin Loew, who presented the donation to GAiN at the Giessen relief warehouse on Friday, first launched the event in the company two years ago – a secondary aim being to encourage employees to incorporate more exercise into everyday life: "Regarding our staff, we want them to feel at ease at mbi, but above and beyond that also maintain their health and well-being in the long term." And lastly, the commitment to social goals, as shown here, ties in with the practised company philosophy. The fact that the proceeds will benefit the victims of the war in Ukraine was particularly important for the management and the team alike. "Many thanks to all those who took up this sporting challenge to show their solidarity with refugees in Ukraine," remarked Anne-Katrin Lossnitzer from GAiN, who gratefully accepted the donation cheque in Giessen: "Thanks to initiatives like this, we can now provide targeted help with much-needed food supplies."