Celebrating 20 years of service

The most precious resource and key success factor for a company is its staff! That’s why we enjoy celebrating service awards so much! This summer we celebrated with an mbi employee who joined us 20 years ago.

Simone Hund had her first day at mbi during the first France-is-going-to-be-football-world champion-summer of 1998, and is still an important part of our company today. And in doing so, she provides support in various areas and with differing job hours – matching company needs with her own personal situation. In fact, she’s changed quite a lot over the years.

When Simone Hund joined mbi she was married without children – and now? Four fabulous children have become part of her family and she’s realised that a great deal can be achieved with an employer that prioritises reconciling work with family life.

We’re very glad indeed about this win-win situation and are looking forward to many more years working together!